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        TAOGEN Sport Center Ventilation-Sport in Nature

        Project Overview

        Located in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Daxing Biomedical Base, TAOGEN SPORT CENTER covers an area of about 14,000 square meters and have 6 basketball gyms with A grade maple floor. It is a sport and leisure complex center integrates fitness, physical training, trampoline, rock climbing, child sport training, sport theme café and leisure catering.

        Design Principle

        As the first demonstration project of "sports complex" in China sports industry, TAOGEN SPORT CENTER is a kind of light steel structure with 12 meters height. The sports complex consists of various kinds of large space venues with limited roof load bearing capacity and calls for energy saving and aesthetic system design. The venue is equipped with a bidirectional "fresh air system" from UK, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. The indoor air is heated and cooled by "air source". Durkeesox Air Dispersion System IRR series is selected as the terminal air dispersion system to ensure high indoor air quality.

        System Performance

        Energy Saving & Environment Protection

        The main duct is installed at the height of 8m, using micro-permeability materials to reduce energy loss in the high space. The branch duct is arranged at the height of 5m to achieve goals of laminar air dispersion in a fast pace and better energy-efficient. Furthermore, Durkeesox IRR duct is a very light weight system which is only 1/10 of the weight of a traditional metal air duct system and only uses environmental friendly synthetic fabric to make less carbon and environmental protection.

        TAOGEN hvac duct

        Even & Comfortable

        Durkeesox IRR series disperse air flow through fabric permeation and designed multi-row orifices to form a tridimensional air dispersion effect with great comfort, overall even airflow and precise air throw.

        TAOGEN SPORT CENTER fabric ductwork


        The IRR series utilizes a special materials and unique internal support construction to help soft fabric air dispersion system to retain round shape without static pressure. The grey color duct keep harmonious with indoor decoration style. Meanwhile, the customized Logo of TAOGEN printed on the duct according to client’s requirement.

        ac air duct

        Condensation Free

        Cooling air is discharged through micro-permeation, forming an air layer around fabric duct to result in no temperature difference between inside and outside, therefore no insulation is required to prevent condensation.

        hvac ductwork

        Quick Installation

        Durkeesox IRR series is made of special fabric material. The total weight is only 1/40 of the weight of metal air duct system. Meanwhile, it utilized cable suspension system to provide a simple and quick installation, the installation time is approximately 1/10 or less of the traditional metal duct system. No material is wasted on the installation site.

        With the steady growth in the country's economy as well as the people's living standard, more and more high-end sports complexes are being built in China. With its unique advantages of even and comfortable air supply, precise terminal airflow speed control, anti-condensation, quick installation and high cost performance, Durkeesox air duct system perfectly solves problems in sports facilities design and construction.Through lots of applications in the industry of sport facilities, Durkeesox has been acknowledged widely by clients and designers.

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        (206) 707-6768
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