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        Durkee Annual distributor conference was successfully held in Shanghai on April 8th, 2019. Distributors from more than 20 countries and regions were invited to come back Durkee big family.

        Durkee Annual distributor conference.jpg

        Review of 2018 & Prospect of 2019

        In the conference, Ms. Melly Wang, Director of Asian Sales & Marketing Department, gave an important opening speech titled “Embrace the change, Advance in full speed”. Through reviewing and concluding the past work and achievements, Durkee will focus on industry and adopts differentiated business and marketing strategies for different industry development stages from 2019. Meanwhile, Durkee will actively support each distributor to develop core customer relationships in their local regions, thereby, this should lay a solid foundation for the acceleration of DURKEE internationalization so as to be one of the most professional and reliable fabric ductwork manufacturers.

        Modular & Innovative Product Technology

        In order to facilitate the launch of new products, DURKEE has carried out a series of improvements and updates on the product installation accessories in 2018, which makes the faster modular installation and improves the user experience, presented by Mr. Kingtell Ma, the sales manager of S.A & M.E branch.

        Latest Quotation System Launch

        Mr. Jeff Liu, the sales manager of SEA-KL branch, launched and demonstrated the latest Durkeesox Online Quotation System and Durkflex Thickness Selection System on site, these two systems will help distributors enormously in quotation and selection promptly and accurately.

        Awarding Ceremony

        In the past year, some distributors have made outstanding achievements in new product promotion, core business relationship development and industry development, etc. They were invited to share their wonderful business operations experiences at the conference. Meanwhile, the ceremony also awarded these distributors for their aggressive and excellent work in 2018.

        2019 CRH EXHIBITION

        The 30th International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Heating and Ventilation was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) on April 9-11, 2019. With elaborate preparation and elegant booth design, Durkee was presenting gorgeously as planned. During the exhibition, Durkee attracted wide attention and won favorable comments from numerous professional visitors, distributors, and partners.

        In the era of rapid technological development, as a global leading A/C ducting and duct thermal insulation integrated solution provider, the constant updating of technology is fundamental to keep the vitality of the brand. Durkee not only provides more reliable and revolutionary products but also adheres to the pursuits of better quality, leads to the development of HAVC ducting and thermal insulation material industry trending. 

        2019 CRH EXHIBTION.jpg

        America Sales Office
        (206) 707-6768
        Asian Sales Center
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